American West Surplus LLC is a fast growing electrical dealer based at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Denver Colorado. We stock commercial and industrial electrical power distribution equipment for contractors, manufacturers, factories, and critical power customers across various industries. Our core products include circuit breakers, transformers, busway and bus plugs, panelmount switches, disconnects, motor controls, switchgear, panels, PLC’s, and variable frequency drives. We have knowledgeable staff with decades of experience and focus on personalized customer service. Please pick up the phone and call, we want to ensure you get the product you need when you need it.

American West Surplus LLC was founded in 2011 by Derek Brinkerhoff who came from the salvage and demolition industry. Given his background, the company was founded with a great emphasis on saving and reconditioning as much used equipment as possible. In addition to offering reconditioned products, American West Surplus stocks a wide variety of factory new products. Competitive prices, quality products with warrantees, and guaranteed personal attention to your needs are what set American West Surplus apart from the competition.

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